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Bone broth is a super meaty jelly that has great properties. Super high in amino acids, e.g., glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, etc. known to aid with joint health and ease the pain caused by joint related problems. Bone broth is a great addition to your pets diet and has a vast amount of benefits. It has been known to aid in digestion by decreasing inflammation in the gut and improving the tissues lining the gut. You can not over feed bone broth. This bone broth is the same as the broth in our paws, but a bigger pouch.


Composition: 100% bone broth derived from turkey and reverse osmosis water.

Moisture - 91.7%

Protein - 8.3%

Fibre - 0.1%

Fat - 0.3%

This product can be defrosted and portioned out. Suitable for re freezing as long as it is refrozen as soon as it's defrosted. Store in a freezer at -18c or below and in a fridge at 4c or below once defrosted.

Turkey bone broth 750ml

VAT Included
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