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seaweed can be used alone, in rotation, or in a combination with any of River & Wrens additional botanical blends. Combining a blend and topper at around 50/50 is ideal, although each canine is individual and you may have different preferences. 


Before use, shake the pot. This versatile product can be added directly to the bowl or mixed with water, kefir, bone broth, natural yogurt, raw, cooked or wet diets, to create greater palatability.

Recommended guidelines:

1-2g per 10kg bodyweight. 

Always consult your vet if uncertain. Not suitable whilst pregnant or nursing canine mothers. 


Ingredients 100% Yorkshire Seaweed

Analysis Protein 14.1, Fat 1.9, Ash 19.1, Fibre 32.1

Weight Glass Jar - 175g topper


VAT Included
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