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River amd wren's botanical blend can be used alone, in rotation, or in a combination with any of River & Wrens additional botanical blend toppers. Our toppers contain naturally dried whole-food herbs that promote comfort for your canines gastrointestinal tract and could help to reduce inflammation, soothe, and support healthy gut bacteria. Our toppers are expertly crafted, using herbs with well-known anti-inflammatory properties.

We love your canines gut health.


Before use, shake the pot. This versatile product can be added directly to the bowl or mixed with water, kefir, bone broth, natural yogurt, raw, cooked or wet diets, to create greater palatability.

Recommended guidelines:

1 teaspoon per 10kg bodyweight.

For acute episodes, double our recommended guidelines for the first two weeks. Always consult your vet if uncertain. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing canine mothers. Our digestive topper is crafted using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, ensuring the absence of endangered wild plants.


IngredientsMarshmallow Root, Chamomile, Spirulina, Peppermint, Liquorice Root, Basil, Fennel.

WeightGlass Jar - 200g Blend


VAT Included
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