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The first, the original, the people who brought bone broth and kefir to the pet market. 

Bone broth and kefir specialists for pets

Hand crafted, unique and nutritious!

The video below is an inside look with utter tripe at our production, team and the cleanliness we keep to keep our products being the best quality we can possibly produce.

Well what can i say, i could make an essay on how our products are the most unique and the best on the market but i will leave that to feedback from customers. At the start of 2015, we brought alexanders products in their infancy to a small shop local to us, a family run shop i worked in. Alexanders didn't exist at this point, i offered these products to the customers for free and we couldn't keep up with the demand due to the amazing feed back. It all started from offering our bone broth to customers that had dietary issues with their pets, then kefir entered the family and It was at this point the original paw was created. A bit of back ground info, i worked in the catering industry and became a vrq2 qualified chef and had a lot of nutrition qualifications awarded in the process. After 10 years of working in the catering industry i started working in a local raw food shop called dogs diner, as time went on i was taught how to feed a dog or cat a specialist diet. So armed with the knowledge from the human industry i pushed and grew my knowledge, this combination was where i exceeded and really put my knowledge to the market. I know biologically we are different and it was not ever going to be the same diet, as a matter of fact it was going to be a different world, and this excited the inner chef i me. Once the bone broth and original paw came in and we seen massive benefits for cats and dogs, my mind went in to creativity mode. The products were then created and BOOM, hello alexander's natural. How can we name this business, well my middle name is alexander after my mothers grandad who was a war hero. The name has a lot of history in the family, and the products are simply the best quality on the market.

Best wishes

Ian Alexander Rooney

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