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NOTICE: We are currently experiencing the busiest time we have had in the 8 years we have been trading, as amazing as this is for us it will mean delivery for orders will take longer than expected. We do aim for 3 to 5 working days as your orders will be produced to order, but it is not always possible due to demand being so high. You will receive an email of fulfilment when your order has been booked in and it will be delivered the day after, but we are working to stock the website products very soon to eliminate the longer wait times. When we do we will be moving to a next day delivery service.


 Alexanders natural were the first, the original, the people who brought bone broth and kefir to the pet market. 

  Bone broth and kefir specialists for pets, bone broth for dogs, bone broth for cats too and even ferrets!

     Hand crafted, unique and nutritious!


Get to Know Us

Alexanders natural produce the most unique products in the pet trade to date, we thrive on innovation and create our own markets. Since January 2016 we have been bringing new and unseen products that will not only have your fury companions taste buds loving life, but also their gut, skin, coat and joint health well cared for.

We ARE the market leader in bone broth and kefir products for pets, with the largest range of flavours and varieties with the best quality at by far the best price. We are that certain our pricing is the best we will offer a price match for any liquid/jelly bone broth products manufactured for pets in the UK market, and we offer a much better pricing than 99.9% of powdered bone broth on the market and more variety than 100% of them while still all being produced in the UK.

We don't just use simple filtered water in our bone broth products, we use reverse osmosis water that filters 100% of total dissolved solids in the water leaving the water completely pure. We then re mineralise the water with free range, wild, grass fed or organic bones where we can, giving the best quality products we can keep consistent to our lovely consumers.

Our kefir products are fermented in the traditional way that has been used since ancient times, giving scientifically proven probiotic bacteria that can aid in gut health and soothe an upset tummy.

Our team thrive on the feed back we get from our products, and we are always looking to better ourselves and offer great quality for a great price to all of our customers that support us.

We will continue to innovate and bring nothing but the best products to this ever growing market, expanding into and creating new products that just haven't been done before.

With the kindest regards

The alexanders natural team

The video below is an inside look with utter tripe at our production, team and the cleanliness we keep to keep our products being the best quality we can possibly produce.

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