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Composition: 50% goat milk kefir, 49.5% bone broth derived from goat bones and reverse osmosis water, 0.5% organic apple cider vinegar. 

Moisture - 90.8%

Protein - 4.8%

Fibre - <0.1%

Fat - 0.98%

This product can be fed frozen or defrosted, store in a freezer at -18 or below.

 Multi paws (goat kefir with goat bone broth)

The multi paw is a single protein paw, this paw has the best of both worlds. Goats milk kefir with goat bone broth, Bone broth is a super meaty jelly, that has great properties. Super high in amino acids e.g. glucosamine, chondroitin etc, it is also a super high source of collagen. You cannot over feed bone broth, the benefits of bone broth and the probiotics and friendly yeast cultures. This paw is a unique paw, that was created to give a powerful punch to dogs that sensitive. We have portioned it up for you to make it last the week. You can simply defrost and pour over your pets feed, or feed it frozen as an ices treat








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