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Pina colada

The pina colada paw is a refreshing water kefir treat, made with fermented organic coconut water that is packed full of probiotic bacteria with added coconut cream and pineapple. This is perfect for a treat that has character, and we all love a Pina colada (just not the rain part). This product can be served frozen or defrosted, and served as a mocktail perfect so your furry companion doesn't get left out. The water kefir option is also a great option for vegans to serve to their pets as they don't contain any animal products at all.

Composition: 90% organic coconut water kefir, 5% coconut cream, 5% pineapple.

Moisture - 97.5%

Protein - <0.6%

Fibre - <0.1%

Fat - 0.42%

This product can be fed frozen or defrosted, store in a freezer at -18 or below.

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