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Composition: 85% organic cows milk kefir, 15% strawberries.

Moisture - 89.7%

Protein - 2.3%

Fibre - <0.1%

Fat - 1.02%

This product can be fed frozen or defrosted, store in a freezer at -18 or below.

Strawberry kefir pawz

Strawberry kefir that adds antioxidents, and the properties are amazing. kefir is fermented milk with the same consistency as yoghurt, the fermentation feeds off the lactose in the milk dropping it to almost zero. This basically makes it a lactose free option without adding a binder to make your pet bypass the lactose during digestion. Kefir is ridiculously high in probiotic bacteria (the friendly kind) that has been very well known to aid the gut, boosting the gut flora and aiding in creating a healthy gut microbiome. Our kefir is also high in freindly yeast cultures, the combonation of all above is documented very well as general knowledge and will aid with allergies and help to create healthy digestion.

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