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About us

Hi there, we at Alexanders natural are a family run business. We try our best to produce


the best, highest quality natural treats for your pooches and kittys. We always keep in


mind the health of our furry customers, so everything we produce is aimed at healthy


snacks that pack a punch. We are defra approved and all of our produce is biologically


tested, to ensure that it is nothing but a pleasant experience for you and your pet. We


produce our products from our own cultures, that have been in our family for a long time.


The kefir we produce using heirloom grains have been scientifically tested for probiotic


and healthy yeast cultures, and we can proudly put that on our labels. Take a look


through our produce, we produce healthy dehydrated treats and a natural bug repellent


also. We aim to provide the best, highest quality produce that has a purpose.




Thank you 

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